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How do you perceive homeless people? Do you watch them long enough to see a difference in how they carry themselves? Are there one or two who might seem just a little different than all the others? If that’s the case, they may be part of a bigger story. Theirs could be tale full of deal, devils and deliverance.

Welcome to the world of “Homeless,” the first in what’s shaping up to be a trilogy from sci-fi, horror, fantasy author Delena Epstein. And it’s thriller of a tale, full of despair, hope and adventure wrapped in a sexy bundle of desire. The homeless – lost souls who’ve made a deal with a dark demon to fulfill their deepest desires – inhabit the crux of the story.

In her first installment, readers are introduced to young Amanda Morgan, a shy college girl who wants nothing more than relative peace, financial security and a quiet place to paint. But security is something Morgan can only dream of. She’s soon swept into a feisty battle between heaven and hell. And whether she wants to be or not, she is a crucial soldier in the battle.

Epstein’s way with words brings muscle to what is a new voice in the realm of genre writing. Hers can be described as somewhere between the talent of Anne Rice and Stephen King. Her sensual interludes, nearly spicy enough to qualify as adult fare, but not quite, are nearly Clive Barker-like in its descriptive quality.

Perhaps due to its short length, or to the fast-paced nature of the tale, Homeless is a quick read and one that, for those who think in film, would make a memorable movie. For those who dwell along more literary avenues, think of Homeless as a classic exploration of the profound darkness that dwells in the breast of us all.

Which isn’t a bad way to kick off a trilogy.


Laureen Roth This is a fabulous trilogy; perfect for your summer reading! Don't let the genre of paranormal stop you if that isn't your usual genre; an author has to pick a genre and this is just where it had to go category wise, but this is a trilogy for everyone that will take you on a deep, emotional yet triumphant ride. The final novel, Judgment, will leave you grateful you went along for the ride and does not disappoint. This isn't just a book, a novel, a trilogy; it's an EXPERIENCE you will not forget. Each of you will bring something different out of the experience and that is why I highly, highly recommend this EXPERIENCE. You don't want to miss this opportunity at extremely reasonable prices; get all 3 on eBook or paperback for less than you would pay at the bookstore for one book this summer! I was left feeling grateful to have taken this journey with Amanda Morgan.


Alona Coe - Homeless is artfully written and quickly gains your interest as it delves into the depths of depravity of the mind and soul. It flows easily from chapter to chapter and makes for an easy and satisfying read. You can follow the story without having to go back and re-read previous events to understand the concept of what the author conveys. It leaves you wanting more and looking forward to future reads by this talented author.

An incredible read!, April 19, 2014

Laureen Roth - -An excellent journey with unforgettable characters that captured me from the very beginning. With surprises at every turn of the page, this is one daring read that asks you to answer a very difficult question; when everything you think you know is not as it seems! I cannot wait for the sequel, Broken, coming out soon! And oh, how I would love to meet Amanda in a movie someday; Delena invites us in so we get to know her character intimately as well. A 5-star read from start to finish!

Great read!, April 15, 2014

Meme --The author used such vivid descriptions of the characters. It felt as if I really knew them. I was drawn into the plot as Amanda, as well as the other characters, struggled between good and evil.

I would encourage others to read this book. I was captivated by the twist and turns. I can't wait to read another book by Delena Epstein!



Marlene - Another great read! Five Stars given because this book keeps your interest all the way through. With each book by this author you can see her writing technique grow. To read about Amanda Morgan who has been blessed/cursed half-Angel; half-demon fight so hard to show people who are willing to bargain their soul for things they desire to be careful what they wish for. Is beauty, money, New cars, riches really worth an eternity in Hell?


GRIPPING! April 30, 2014

Laureen Roth - Broken, thankfully, continues Amanda's journey (sequel to Homeless) and is just as good as Homeless, if not better, and I encourage everyone to read both Homeless and Broken; you will be thrilled you did.

You will be treated to God's breath and descriptions of Heaven and Hell that will leave you, well,
breathless, and making promises to be good forevermore! A cleverly plotted twist seems destined to cause
Amanda to fail, and thereby her soul forfeited. I was pleased to see Sam return as her best friend and God's
liaison. You will not be able to put this one down! Loved it and will treasure it!!

Soul Travelers

  • I actually picked up Soul Travelers after reading and thoroughly

    I actually picked up Soul Travelers after reading and thoroughly enjoying Delena’s other novels; Death Shroud
    as well as Homeless and its sequel, Broken.  I was much more than pleasantly surprised with Soul Travelers
    and must highly recommend it. Paranormal is not my usual genre; however, all of Delena’s works to date
    have been so very engrossing and simply an absolute pleasure to read (you know the feeling, when you get
    to the end of the book and sigh with pleasure at time well spent, feeling as though you have indulged in a
    delightful treat, and it takes days to “shake” the characters in your own head!) that I cannot wait to read what
    she treats us with next!  Soul Travelers takes you on a journey with Marisa that is impossible to put down.  
    Delena’s character buildup and writing style are such that you feel you are right there, in the book, perhaps
    as a fly on the wall even, watching the scenes unfold and feeling the emotion and moral challenges her
    characters face.

    My dear fellow readers, not only must I highly recommend Soul Travelers, I must urge you to pick it up very
    soon as well as each one of her amazing and satisfying reads; do some soul traveling of your own and
    enjoy the ride!

  • Intriguing - I was immediately drawn into this intriguing story of a lonely abused little girl who's life leads down a path of danger, adventure and romance. I'm waiting for the Author's next book.

    Couldn't put the book down.

    It takes a gift to be able to write anything that will keep the reader glued to the pages. Delena has that gift. I wasnt able to put the book down for wanting to know what was going to happening next. Well done, Delena.


  • Totally Unexpected! - Soul Travelers was an unexpected delight to say the least. I rate the entertainment value of this sort of work based on how easy/hard it is to put the thing down. It was a challenge to put this down: the story's progress was too captivating, flowing, and unpredictable to allow it to just sit there on the table. As a new author, Ms. Epstein has clearly made a very favorable first impression with this avid reader of the genre. Highly recommended!!


    Devastating and Scary

    I read this book in three nights. It held my interest and took me through unexpected turns of fate. I was unable to figure it out until the end. I really enjoyed i