Delena Epstein
Writer of Soul Travelers

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After living in Indiana, Florida, Missouri, Florida again, Ohio, and Pasadena and Burbank, California, Delena has finally settled down with her husband and 2 Yorkies and her cat, on a mountaintop in Prescott, Arizona.

Her one small claim to notoriety is that she is one out of every 450,000 people with two different colored eyes.

She has worked in a fast-food restaurant, as a data entry clerk, bookkeeper, technical writer, web designer and programmer, systems analyst, and lastly as a successful business owner.

Delena is now living her lifelong dream of writing novels and short stories while observing the coyotes, deer, birds, bobcats, javelinas, raccoons, squirrels, and those annoying, but adorable, jack rabbits that eat all of her herbs.