The last book in the Homeless series.

As half-demon, half-angel, Amanda Morgan has taken on the grave responsibility of Guardian to mankind. But this arrangement endangers her when angry demons place a bounty on her head. Although she is immortal, it doesn’t mean they can’t inflict pain. Her newest power, the power of creation, makes her nearly as powerful as God. Afraid of what she might do, she wants this power removed.

Along with her job description comes supernatural powers and sacrifices nearly impossible to endure. She has given up art, her greatest passion, and she cannot consummate her relationship with her best friend and love of her life, Father Samuel O’Flannery.

 As Amanda presents bargains to people who must choose between heavenly or earthly desires, she begins to question these agreements. Why should people who have no chance in life be tempted to succeed and sent to hell? She rages at God, and  her search for answers eventually brings her to the Archangels of Judgment, and finally, into God’s presence himself.

No one is immune from Judgment Day.