Dream Shadow


What if you went to bed each night and dreamed only of your death? Alyssa Daniels lives this nightmare for three years. When the dreams progress, she becomes agoraphobic with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Once a respected chef at her upscale restaurant, she lives trapped in her home, unable to face the outside world without suffering major panic attacks. When her psychiatrist suggests a research institute, she agrees. This is her last hope, because at ninety-eight pounds, she is literally wasting away.

To complicate matters, her dreams change for the worse. A shadow appears in a recurring dream and points an accusing finger at her. Is death warning that her time is near? 
She also deals with an online stalker who claims he is watching her. When a grotesque package arrives at her home, she knows someone is trying to terrify her. It’s working.

Alyssa Daniels doesn’t have much time left --she needs answers, and she needs them now.